Students at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa are feeling it: finals week is two weeks away. Whether you are pushing deadlines or scavenging YouTube for videos to explain a semester’s worth of content, the Campus Center Board Activities Council is offering exam-time solace with the Cram Jam, a week-long event held every semester during finals week. 

For Fall 2019, Cram Jam will be from Dec. 15 to 19 from 9 p.m to 2 a.m. on Sunday and 10 p.m. to 2 a.m Monday through Thursday.

Same jam, different moves

This event offers students the chance to destress during one of the most hectic times of the semester. Although Cram Jam is held every term, there are new changes being implemented, including a change to “Midnight Breakfast,” which gives students sustenance to fuel their late-night studies, according to CCBAC event coordinator Moana Kimura.

“We have ‘Midnight Munchies’; it’s no longer ‘Midnight Breakfast,’” Kimura said. “We’re implementing different kinds of food this time; it’s not going to be breakfast food. It’s going to be all different kinds. I know we have dim sum on the menu.” 

Kimura mentioned that she believes fellow CCBAC event coordinator Angelica Fajardo, who is in charge of organizing “Midnight Munchies,” wanted to add a cultural theme to this year’s food options. Along with an expansion of the menu, Kimura said CCBAC is aiming to include vegan and vegetarian options. 

“We are trying our very best to implement vegan and vegetarian options,” Kimura said. “It’s difficult sometimes to find a substitute but we try our best to do that.” 

Snacks will also be available. 

Hand-in-hand with “Midnight Munchies,” this semester’s Cram Jam will also have a nap room, a gaming room called “Wii Sesh” where students can play video games on the Nintendo Switch, board games, dog therapy and the chance to partake in do-it-yourself projects. 

Students must bring a valid UH ID to participate in the activities. 

Kimura also mentioned that CCBAC will be working with UH Mānoa’s Mortar Board Honor Society, which, according to their official Facebook page, recognizes “college seniors that have excelled in academics and service,” to hold “Finals Push,” where members of the Mortar Board Honor Society give away items. 

Cram Jam may be seeing small location changes due to the construction at Campus Center. 

“We do have to figure out ways to have places for people to study. The cafeteria is still going to be open so they can head on in there. They can also stay around Starbucks, but I think upstairs will be closed - the third floor,” Kimura said. “I think the ballroom is going to be open, so ‘Midnight Munchies’ will still be there. Hopefully it won’t be too bad; there’s just going to be less space.”

When asked about the planning process for Cram Jam, she said that organizing has not been too much of a hassle. 

“We’re trying a new thing this semester where there are four leads on Cram Jam. There’s usually two,” Kimura said. “We’re delegating different tasks to different people. I think that it’s made the process much smoother and easier.” 

Kimura hopes that people will attend and enjoy the Cram Jam. She is also excited to hear any feedback students may have to offer. 

“We have surveys that go out with one of the e-blasts, which students can give feedback through. We accept any email, you can go to our website for our email address. Another way is through Instagram DM, too. We’re starting to be more interactive on Instagram,” Kimura said. 

For more information, students may visit or @uhmccbac on Instagram. A list of “Prohibited Items” can also be found on the CCBAC website.

Opinions Editor, Co-managing Editor

Kailanianna is Ka Leo O Hawai'i's Opinions Editor. She was born and raised on O'ahu, and is of Palauan, Chamorro and Filipino descent. Kailanianna is in her senior year, majoring in Anthropology and pursuing certificates in Korean and Ethnic Studies.