Student Involvement Fair

The semesterly Student Involvement Fair is hosted by the Student Life and Development Office.

Approximately 60 student organizations attended the Fall 2019 Student Involvement Fair held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Aug. 28 - 29. The event took place in the Campus Center and Courtyard where student representatives from various clubs set up booths to promote their causes.

The semesterly Student Involvement Fair is an opportunity for new and returning students to become involved with extracurricular activities and clubs as well as for student organizations to recruit new members. Student organizations consist of both chartered student organizations (CSOs) and registered independent organization (RIOs). 

CSOs encompass the university’s five chartered organizations (ASUH, CCB, GSO, SAPFB, SMB) that serve the entire student body and community. RIOs, while not directly affiliated with the university, are clubs formed around specific student interests.

RIOs featured in the fair represented a range of interests such as environmental activism, religion, Greek life, gaming, sports, and career development. 

According to ‘Auli’i Aikau, a student leader for leadership development at the Student Life and Development office, the event was a “great success” due to its early scheduling. Whereas previous fairs were held further into the semester, this fall’s fair is the first to have been scheduled during the first week of school.

The student organizations showcased at the fair are only a fraction of the more than 250 student organizations currently registered with the university. To see the full list of organizations, visit the university’s Student Life and Development website: