'Fashion Fridays'

Most college students have gotten acquainted with the idea of pulling all nighters with a coffee or sugary beverage in hand. The endless nights of studying or writing papers until they fall asleep on their computer is not a pretty sight.

Sadly, the next morning is probably just as rough. As the snooze button is hit, two more minutes turn into 20. Finally, when one gets the strength to wake up, the clock ticks, and it’s almost time to leave the house. Let’s face it - there are two scenarios that one can choose from.

Scenario #1: Get pretty and primped and arrive to class/work late.

Scenario #2: Roll out of bed and arrive to class/work looking like you just woke up.

Sleep is an essential part of life and is needed to not only look good, but also feel good. On the nights when I stay up late studying or watching my favorite television shows, my mornings always starts off late. I usually get up 20 minutes later than I would normally, which means the time to get cute is cut in half. My daily routine, from brushing my teeth and washing my face to applying makeup and putting an outfit together, usually takes me about 40 minutes. Therefore, having only 20 minutes to get primped is not easy. After finding myself in this situation many times, I have mastered the art of getting ready in a hurry. With all of the wisdom gained from my personal trials and errors, I hope to help you ladies look cute in a hurry too.

Cute tip 1: Picture perfect brows

The eyebrows frame one’s face, and its maintenance is one of the most important parts of looking cute and maintained. Make sure there are no strays or spots where a few plucks are needed. Quickly clean up any areas and fill your brows in, if desired.

Cute tip 2: Apply mascara

Even if you do not have time to do your usual makeup routine, there should always be time for mascara. A quick coat of mascara can do wonders. Do not forget to curl your lashes, as it instantly gives them a lift and makes your eyes look more awake.

Cute tip 3: Go for favorites

When choosing an outfit, look for something that you know will pair well together. It is not the time to experiment or put together new looks.

For a more put together look, spot a fashionable top in your closet, grab a pair of basic jeans or shorts, and slide into your favorite pair of sandals. If you want an ultra casual, cute look: throw on your favorite sweatshirt/comfy top and pair it with some sneakers.

Cute tip 4: Buns and bows

If there is no time to do your hair, one can always rock a bun. I love high buns because they are fast and easy to do. Even if you have a few tangles in your hair, putting it into a bun will camouflage your bad hair day. If you are into bows, clipping a bow in the front or back of the bun will give you a put together look.

Late morning? Memorize these steps to get ready quick, and still look cute!