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Have you been to Da Boba Place?

A new joint that specializes in bubble tea and ice cream rolls

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As children, the sound of the ice cream truck passing through our neighborhood would alert us to either rush to our parents or search the living room couch for spare change. The creamy, chilly and circular scoop placed atop a sugar cone is always a treat to beat the heat. But who would have imagined ice cream rolls?

“It’s an interesting way to eat and prepare ice cream,” customer Jovannie Laforga said.

Co-founders Ronald Hata and Sing Li opened Da Boba Place because of their shared dream of starting their own business. 

Hata traveled to Thailand where he discovered the origin of Thai ice cream rolls, and decided to bring the same concept to Hawai‘i. With six months of preparation, Hata and Li commenced their pre-grand opening on March 11. Considering the fact that Sweet Creams Hawaii, a fellow ice cream roll shop, recently made its debut in town, Da Boba Place hopes to lessen travel time and attract customers from the west side.

“We were overwhelmed with how many people were interested, [but we also] learned a lot as to what we can improve,” Hata said.

In the future, Hata and Li plan to include more flavors for the ice cream rolls and bubble teas. They also plan to add another anti-griddle machine to make rolls with increased efficiency to speed up customer service. Hata and Li hope to extend store hours as well. 

Da Boba Place is located on the second floor of Aiea Shopping Center in Suite 222 and is open from 12 to 6 p.m. There is minimal parking, but the shop provides eight tables that can fit roughly 30 people. A waiting bench and complimentary water cups are provided for the customer’s convenience. Ice cream rolls may not be sold in your local ice cream truck, but they sure do sell out fast at Da Boba Place. Make your way to Aiea and get a taste of this rich, sweet treat!