As the month of March rolls in, the flowers begin to bloom and everything starts to look a little greener. In Hawaiʻi, the changes in seasons are not drastic, but dressing appropriately is a must if you want to maintain a stylish appearance. Seasons can be interpreted as new beginnings or times of transformation that apply to all aspects of life, including your closet.


1. Let it flow

Wide-leg pants are loose and often flared at the bottom, which can be a great option for many body types because it can make you look taller and is also comfortable to wear. This type of pant gives off an effortless, yet stylish look. It pairs nicely with a fitted top and minimum accessories. When wearing a bold pant, it is always a good idea to let that be your statement piece.

2. Perfectly pastel

You may be thinking of Easter when the word pastel comes to mind, as this is the perfect palette for spring. These colors are soft and feminine, which helps reflect the beautiful season. If you are feeling daring, you can pair two hues such as lilac and baby blue together to create an eye-catching mix of color. Just make sure you do not look like a dyed Easter egg.

3. So bomb

Are you the more edgy type of girl who likes to look chic? If so, the bomber jacket is a trend that you might want to jump on. Jackets that pay attention to detail and are a good quality are worth the investment and can be dressed up or down.

Dressing in style is not only for the girls.There are a few trends for the guys that would look great for the upcoming season.


1. Bring your A-game

Athletic-inspired clothing is a trend that many guys will feel comfortable wearing. I’m not talking about basketball shorts and a T-shirt, but rather shirts, jackets and pants that incorporate sporty details, which are a great way to blend comfort and style. Look for pieces that have striking colors and are made of soft, flexible material that give off that cool vibe.

2. Friendly florals

You might be thinking, “Floral print for guys?” Well, with fashion, things are always changing, and this time around florals are the in thing. I am not telling you to wear a shirt covered in daisies and roses, but there are floral prints that are both tasteful and capable of giving off a masculine feel. If you are unsure about sporting the floral look, go for dark prints with subtle florals or even Asian-inspired prints and patterns.

3. Feeling the blues

Any variation of the classic color seems to be the trend on many runways. This color is the perfect complement to any style or type of clothing because it is versatile. In general, the lighter shades of blue give off a cool, casual vibe while the navy blues portray a more sophisticated look.