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‘Map of the Soul: Persona” Album Review

Written by an estranged BTS fan

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When people first hear a song, its catchy lyrics or beat is what keeps them listening. 

For me, it was the dance. 

Two weeks ago, a friend messaged me and asked if I was interested in learning BTS’ new song “Boy With Luv” for a dance cover. Despite the simple question, it took me a while to answer. 

BTS’  album “Map of the Soul: Persona” was not a release I was looking forward to. 

Before hardcore ARMYs come at me with pitchforks, let me explain. I knew about BTS since their debut in 2013 and have been a dedicated fan until recent years. They did not do anything to make me lose interest. Simply put, I found myself gravitating toward other Korean artists that better suited my style of music. 

BTS has been gaining global recognition, much faster than I would have imagined. As an estranged ARMY and long-time K-POP fan, their achievements fill me with a sense of pride. I find myself listening to their older songs on occasion,  remembering my high school years dancing to “Danger (2014)” “Boy In Luv (2014)” and “Beautiful (2013)” before homeroom. 

Wanting to give their new content a try, I watched the dance practice for “Boy With Luv.” Rather than liking the upbeat, bubbly mood of the song (or the fact that Halsey is in it),  I was transfixed on the choreography. In about four minutes, with their fluid motions and smug expressions, BTS momentarily turned me into a “girl with love” and from that moment, I knew I had to listen to the rest of the album. 

“Map of the Soul: Persona” was released on April 12, 2019, showcasing seven songs that explore identity, growing pains and love. Although most of the songs address love, each track does a good job at capturing the essence of various situations that a person can experience in life.

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