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Check out what March’s third week has in store for you


Life (March 23, R)

Sci-fi thriller “Life” tells an age-old tale. Humans find life on another planet, go to investigate and quickly learn that the lifeforms are intelligent. Originally billed as “Alien meets Ten Little Indians,” it is unlikely that these life forms come in peace. Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds star in the film and will help audiences learn once again that humans should stay on earth.

SABAN’S Power Rangers (March 23, PG-13)

Boasting a PG-13 rating, “Power Rangers” is looking to mix the mighty morphers of old with the 21st century. Notable aspects of the film include Elizabeth Banks as the primary antagonist, Rita Repulsa, and weed humor. Lionsgate Studios isn’t just reviving this classic franchise, they’re busting out the defibulators. In an interview with, Lionsgate said they hoped to do ““five, six or seven of [Power Rangers films]".

CHiPs (March 23, R)

Based on the TV show of the same name, which ran on NBC from 1977-1983, CHiPs fits the buddy-cop formula to a T. Your rookie cop will be played by Dax Shephard, who is also directing the film, while Michael Peña plays the hard-boiled, undercover FBI agent. Unsurprisingly, they don’t get along.


We All Want the Same Things (March 24, Craig Finn)

Frontman of indie-rock band, The Hold Steady, Craig Finn will be releasing his third solo album, “We All Want the Same Things.” His last solo work, “Faith in the Future,” received a 6.3 rating from, which called the album “a character-driven record that's a few shades darker than his last solo outing.”

The Wild (March 24, Raekwon)

There’s something admirable about Raekwon who, at the tender age of 47, is releasing his eighth studio album. Although he could have easily rested on his laurels of being one of the earliest members of Wu-Tang Clan, Raekwon is still out here producing. Raekwon told XXL magazine that “I mean, i’m just getting better, you know? Practicing on my craft and really trying to always step the bar up.”

Video Games

Mass Effect: Andromeda (March 21, XBOX ONE, PS4, PC)

Published by Electronic Arts, Mass Effect is back with the series latest installment. Taking place 600 years after the original trilogy ended, players assume the role of an Andromeda initiative recruit, who holds the responsibility of finding a new habitable planet for humans to live on. The game will contain many of the the same RPG mechanics Mass Effect is known for while featuring an open world akin to EA’s other staple franchise, Dragon Age: Inquisition.