Review: ‘Killing Floor 2,’ paint the streets of London with zombie guts and bullet holes

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Killing Floor

Be prepared  to get up close and personal with some gruesome Zeds. Maybe a little too close. 

Start this Halloween season off right with a zombie shooter game that throws everything it has at you – literally everything. From creepy, crawling spider-zombies to zombies equipped with chainsaws, you'll be sure to have hours of fun blasting away creatures with your friends.

"Killing Floor 2" is the sequel to "Killing Floor," which was originally a mod for "Unreal Tournament 2004" back in 2005. Developed by Tripwire Interactive, "Killing Floor 2" follows the same first-person shooter formula as its predecessor, but adds new features to the game to keep it fresh and exciting for both new and returning players to the series.  

Taking place one month after the events of the first game, "Killing Floor 2" immerses players in ruined cities across Europe. Completely overrun by zombie-like specimens known as "Zeds," the players are tasked with surviving waves of enemies as they travel to certain points on the map to replenish supplies and upgrade their weapons.

The gameplay of "Killing Floor 2" is constantly exciting as a number of Zeds are always spawning, forcing players to be alert and active. Looking deeper into the gameplay of "Killing Floor 2," each player has a choice of different perks which determines the player’s starting weapons and unique skills that they are able to utilize in the game. The enemies in the game also have their own unique abilities depending on the type of Zeds they are. Aside from the regular Zeds, there are special Zeds that are much stronger and harder to kill. These special Zeds are what makes "Killing Floor 2" so fun to play as you have to constantly switch tactics depending on what Zeds are presented in your area.

The main component of "Killing Floor 2" is its emphasis on teamwork to succeed. Each game can fit up to six players, and the intensity of the hordes are dependent on the amount of players within the game. With the amount of Zeds hunting players down, the game forces players to stick together in groups to get through each wave of Zeds coming their way.

After players battle through the waves of Zeds in the map, they arrive to the final wave of the game which spawns only one Zed. This lone Zed is referred to as the “boss,” and is far superior than any of the Zeds prior to it – possessing its own unique set of abilities that can easily defeat a player who tries to challenge it alone. It is on this final wave where teamwork is essential to winning, as you will be relying on others to constantly heal and back you up as you work together to defeat the boss. As of now, there is only one "boss" Zed, but developers have stated that they will be adding more bosses into the game later on as the game gets closer to its official release.

Keep in mind that this game isn't for the faint of heart. What this game is, much like its previous installment, is gory. In "Killing Floor 2," players will be shooting off Zeds' heads, cutting off Zeds' arms, and blowing Zeds to pieces with explosives. Places that were once white will turn blood red as players begin mowing down countless amounts of Zeds.  

The soundtrack in the game compliments the action-packed gameplay of the game, as it features tracks from various industrial metal artists, such as Impending Doom, zYnthetic, and Demon Hunter. I constantly found myself bobbing my head along with the music as I run around the map, shooting hordes of Zeds to beat of screeching guitars and booming drums. The music in "Killing Floor 2" is so good that you can even buy the official soundtrack for the game on iTunes for $9.99.

"Killing Floor 2" is the perfect remedy for people looking to find a game where both you and your friends can enjoy mowing down waves of undead. As of right now, the game is still in its early beta stage of development, which means that there are still some content missing and technical things that have to be smoothen out. But it also means that the game can only get better from here as the developers continue to improve on what they already have. If you're searching for something to soothe that zombie-killing thirst, look no further as "Killing Floor 2" is the game for you.

Torch 4 1/2