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Happy Halloween my fellow Scream Queens fans. After a rather murder-heavy episode last week, Scream Queens is back with episode four, and in terms of mayhem and horror, this week looks to be the most promising yet. As Hester said, “On Halloween night, massacres happen in this hospital. This year ... is gonna be a doozy.”

While the ill-timed death of Chad Radwell continues to rock the hospital crew, not everyone finds sadness in this loss. That is to say, only the once bride-to-be Chanel seems to take his death the hardest. Despite a prominent member of the gang being killed, all this does is motivate the rest of the staff to find the real killer and stop them.

While Chanel takes it upon herself to mourn Chad’s death, Dean Munsch and Denise Hemphill would rather focus all their attention on locating the killer. The two then set off to once again try and obtain knowledge of the killer’s identity from Hester. Though they instead, are met with demands from last season’s psychopath. Denying Hester’s request to join in the festivities at the hospital’s Halloween party, the two return to the hospital to begin getting ready.

Though she appears to finally be over the death of her almost-husband, Chanel still feels a part of her grieving. This could be in large part due to the fact that Chad left all his money to Munsch and the CURE institute. Strangely, the changes to his will were made mere moments before his death. After attempting to strangle Chad’s lawyer in a fit of rage, Chanel settles down, but her outer appearance begins to reflect the rage boiling underneath the surface.

While alone in the hospital, Denise Hemphill hears a strange noise and, paying homage to many horror movie cliches, goes to investigate, only to run into the Green Devil. Her attempts at taking him down fall flat as every shot she takes at the Devil seems to miss its mark.

In another area of the hospital, Chanel runs into an unknown guest dressed as Ivanka Trump. While Chanel tries to uncover the face behind the mask, Ivanka appears to go berserk and proceeds to attack. Chanel attempts to fight back, but to no avail as Ivanka takes a clean slice out of her thigh. Before we are able to even begin to speculate who the identity of this new deranged fiend, Ivanka rips off her mask to reveal the face we’ve all come to fear: Hester – the Red Devil is back.

With two killers on the loose terrorizing the hospital, Munsch believes that the Halloween party will be a perfect time to set their trap. The crew dons their costumes to prepare for the festivities, but before any fun can be had, a flood of people donning costumes from the play Hamilton burst through the hospital doors. As the entirety of their new patients begin to show signs to bowel problems, the hospital crew immediately abandon their plans to party in favor of treating this epidemic.

Choosing to not help the ill in their time of need, Chanel and Denise decide to hold a seance, hoping to summon Chad’s spirit and to uncover the killer’s identity and find some ground to their unanswered questions. While it appears they were able to summon Chad, their reunion is interrupted before any crucial information can be learned.

Hoping to prove her usefulness, No.5 goes off to collect catheters and feed bags for their ailing patients. And of course, in cliched horror movie fashion, she needs to travel into the poorly lit area of the hospital to do so. From the shadows of the dim hallways, No. 5 comes face-to-face with Hester, but before she can make her escape the Green Devil firmly stabs a knife in her back. All the while, Zayday comes the realization that the mass panic caused by their new patients is nothing but a distraction caused by the Green Meanie.

While roaming the halls to look for clues, Denise comes upon No.5’s body and finds that she is still alive. Before Denise can get her to safety, the Green Meanie emerges once again to take another victim and equipped with a defibrillator, finds it easy to take her down.

How did Hester escape the confines of her cell? Are she and the Green Meanie working in tandem, and has she been in league with the killer all this time? What of Denise and No. 5, are they still alive or have the writers decided to knock off the main cast? All we can do now is speculate and look to next week’s episode for answers.