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As the temperature rises and humidity thickens in the air, the thought of creating an effortless summer look might seem difficult to accomplish. The reality of melting makeup and stuffy clothing make the looks presented on the pages of magazines seem unattainable. Three local beauty experts gave their insider tips and tricks to looking cool during Hawai`i’s sweltering summer months.


Creating a healthy canvas for products is the first step to creating a gorgeous summer face. Olivia Young, of Face Art Beauty, suggests being consistent with a skincare routine to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, and moisturize your way to glowing skin.

“Even though a skin care routine may take 15-20 minutes of your time, it is definitely worth the results,” Young said. “With great skin, you will have to use less makeup products in the long run.”

When looking for products to withstand Hawai‘i’s summer heat, waterproof options will help to avoid running and melting makeup disasters. Some of Young’s top products are the MAC Painterly Eye Primer which will reduce oiliness on eyelids to create a longer lasting eye makeup and the MAC Prolongwear Nourishing Foundation, which creates a semi-dewy finish that can last for a full day without requiring reapplication. Young also suggests the Urban Decay Setting Mist spritzed over your entire face once you’re done applying makeup to help keep everything in place.


Hairstylist Jayna Gee, of Salon Kai in the Manoa Marketplace, says one of the smartest things you can do to create an effortless hairstyle is to embrace your natural hair texture. If your hair is curly, use products like Bumble & Bumble’s Curl Conditioning Mousse to create touchable locks. If your hair is on the wavier side, gently define curls with a curling iron to frame your face and get the ultimate mermaid mane. And if your hair is naturally straight, capitalize on your hair’s texture by creating a sleek middle part to take advantage of minimalist trends. When you work against your natural hair, you end up using more heat (such as curling or flat irons) which ultimately creates flyaway hairs or frizziness. Whether your hair is curly or straight, Gee suggests applying hair oils to dry or wet hair. The oils will lock in moisture at the hair cuticle creating a natural shine and softness.


Dolkii, created by Hawai‘i sisters Yasmin Dar Fasi and Shaiyanne Dar, was created in 2015 to combine their free-spirit style and their exotic Southeast Asian backgrounds. Initially an online shop for the new age girl, Dolkii has now expanded with original designs to combine the sister’s individual bohemian inspired styles. When creating an outfit to withstand the Hawai‘i summer, the Dar sisters remark that comfort is key. “Light, breathable fabrics are the best during summer months to keep your body cool” and their go-to silhouettes are dresses, rompers, and boyfriend style graphic tanks paired with cut-off shorts. The sisters suggest their Zoya romper which is a long romper that includes adjustable straps, pockets, and Hammer-style pants. “When you are standing still, it looks like a long maxi dress, but when you start walking you can tell it’s no ordinary outfit.” When finishing off your look, don’t forget a cute pair of sunnies, a simple choker, and gladiator sandals to turn an outfit from basic to boho chic.

From work to play, don’t let summer heat and humidity stop you from creating chic looks that will keep you fashionably fresh all day long.

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