Fashionistas search every nook and cranny of magazines and websites in order to find inspiration for their wardrobes. But those are the most conventional ways of learning fashion, and a magazine can only do so much before it begins to look like the next one … and the next one … and the next one. You get the point. 

For those looking to push the boundaries of fashion in a rare way, look no further than the list below featuring five of the best-dressed female characters in a video game. Because video game designers aren’t limited to just fabrics, they have more creative control than fashion designers, which makes these unique outfits one of a kind. You won’t be able to find these designs on Harper’s Bazaar. 

Faith Connors

Mirror’s Edge 

Nobody pulls off urban chic like Connors does. The red accents of her shoes and gloves add just the right amount of flair to her black and white runner wear. Plus, her A-line bob adds a fierce quality to her personality.  

Achieving Connors’ effortless look is as simple as finding the right black shirt to match the right white pants, and then adding red sneakers, such as Vans or Converse. If you’re girlier, but still love this look, try a white blouse and black skirt with red heels. 


The Legend of Zelda 

Zelda is best known for her floor-length gowns with impeccable embroidering and jewel tones. Her princess look is timeless and girly. In contrast, her masculine image as Sheik is for the more fashionably daring. The blue jumpsuit has evident hand stitching to create a vintage-grunge look and allows for easy mobility. 

While wearing a gown calls for the right occasion, you can channel Zelda by opting for crèmes and jewel tones in your everyday look. If you want to look edgier like Sheik, knee-length boots are a necessity. 


Soul Edge

Any woman that can pull off looking like an angelic warrior should earn a spot on all fashion lists thanks to their ability to convey both beauty and power. Sohpitia’s loose-fitting white dress gives her an innocent look, yet she pairs the dress with a chunky belt and gladiator sandals that say “don’t mess with me.” Her armband is also a unique accessory that not many can pull off. 

To achieve this look, start with a simple dress then add heavy jewelry like armbands and big earrings. Make sure to add shoes, like Sophitia’s gladiators, that make a statement.


Mortal Kombat

Jade certainly knows how to evolve her style and it is her daring-

ness that puts her on this list. As the years go by, we find Jade wearing less clothing and flaunting more skin. She understands that her skin-tone and black hair only match with certain colors, so she sticks to emerald, which flatters her well. 

You too can find colors to complement your hair and skin tone. If you have light hair and dark skin, neon colors work best for you. However, if your hair and skin is light, opt for pastels and muted colors. 

Samus Aran


It doesn’t get any more haute couture than Samus’ many suits. The giant shoulders, cinched waistline and breastplates push the boundaries of fashion and dare women everywhere to go boldly where no woman has gone before. 

Even Rihanna sported metal

heavy shoulders on her most recent cover for Vogue Italia. Similarly, you can sport a Samus-inspired outfit in a pantsuit and blazer with heavy shoulder padding.