While the fifth season of "Legendary Defender" left fans with several blaring questions hanging above their heads, Season 6 gives fans the answers they asked for and much more.


Season 6 opens with the Paladins and Lotor continuing their work with the alliance formed between the Voltron coalition and the Galra empire, now under Lotor’s rule. While progress to mend the rift between the two factions is steadily underway, uncertainty and disarray still linger on the side of the Galra. Lotor’s leadership means little to many of his people and the threat of General Sendak, revived and well as of last season, still exists as a major antagonist for Paladins.

Much like last season, Lotor relies heavily on Princess Allura. The growing relationship between the two since last season shows to develop over the course of this season in more ways than one. This closeness also leads to some revelations for Lance, who has hinted at an attraction to the princess before. But with a possible rival for her affections present, a conflict may develop later on, though fans can only speculate for now.

Voltron S6 1

Season six addresses the sparks fans saw between Prince Lotor and Princess Allura

Episode one of the season fires on all cylinders and makes it clear that the writers and producers of "Legendary Defender" are going to deliver on what they promised fans.

This is made even more evident when fans are finally gifted some character development for Hunk, a beloved member of Team Voltron who is often left classified as the default “comic relief” of the group. Compared to other characters, villains included, his time in the spotlight gets overlooked and passed over for characters involved in flashy space battles and emotional story arcs that add layers to their characters.

Voltron S6 3


Hunk fanatics can finally breathe a sigh of relief and begin weeping tears of joy as we get to watch this beloved team member take a leadership role in the first episode and, over the span of the season, several other memorable scenes that prove his worth as a defender of the universe.

More than any season prior, Season 6 provides fans with moments where many of the main cast has moments to shine. And these moments are not always limited to giant robot battles, which are rather brief this season, as many of the more memorable scenes, in this writer’s opinion, are ones of personal growth.

This season treats fans to another episode focused on Keith. After a familial reveal in the fifth season reunited Keith with his Galran mother, Krolia, the second episode of the season not only reveals the new dynamic between this parent-child pair but also, in a series of flashbacks, their history on Earth: how Krolia ended up on Earth in the first place, what caused her to leave and Keith’s subsequent life after.

Voltron S6 2

Executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos and co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery promised season six will address the questions that have haunted fans since last season’s finale


It would not be a complete review of the season if I did not mention that one of the friendships that the fandom has dubbed more like a “bond between brothers” goes through its biggest difficulties yet. When a major plot twist that many fans saw coming comes to light, it leads to one of the most climactic, visually stunning and emotionally draining scenes of the season.

This season was an emotional rollercoaster. Without giving too much away, prepare yourself to laugh, cry, sigh in awe, grieve, experience loss and weep in relief all within a span of a seven-episode season.

Despite my ramblings on character development and emotional scenes, it cannot be said that this season held back on its action. While they were short, Season 6 delivered on the heart-pounding, adrenaline-building giant robot battles this show has come to be known for. This is especially true for the final moments of Episode 6 of the season, which had this writer putting the episode on pause to soak in the bomb the writers had dropped.

As for the seasonal episode of comic relief to step away from all the drama and explosions, this season offers Episode 3, “Monsters and Mana.” A parody of the role-playing game “Dungeons and Dragons,” this episode finds our heroes playing a version of the game that treats viewers to fantastical versions of our characters on a quest to save their realm from the evil sorcerer Dakin, and will easily become a favorite episode for fans of Shiro.

It was difficult to find fault with this season. Half-seasons like this one always warrant more even though they deliver a lot in terms of action, laughs and drama. Those who do not do well experiencing loss or death may want to steer clear of this season.

The finale, which I suggest you prepare a box of tissues for, sets in motion the final seasons of the series. With only about two years’ worth of episodes left for the series, the finale will take the Paladins to … well, I’ll leave the ending for you to watch for yourselves.

Though the end of the series is on the horizon, a fact that this season makes evidently clear, the adventure is still ongoing. The release date for Season 7 has yet to be announced, but with the upward trend the series is taking, look forward to seeing how the legend continues.

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