One day I met a very fashionable boy in school. His name was Bejan, and he had just transferred from a college in New York. He wore boater's shoes with crisp-collared button-ups, sleek, clean hair, and the most amazing T-shirts. I got into a conversation about Hawai‘i fashion with this nice, gentle New Yorker. Of course, I began mumbling about how boring this and that is, and how there are no seasons, this and that, so on and so forth. But Bejan looked at me with more than hope in his eyes. Heck, maybe even a little admiration, and said to me,

"Hawai‘i fashion is hard. Because of the culturally laid-back staple look, because of the limited seasons (if you have any at all), and because of limited resources, I think it takes skills to dress well here. No layering, no coats, no boots. And you can only do so much with strappy sandals and flip-flops. You, my friend, have a very small canvas to work with. I honestly don't know how you do it."

So keep your chins up, UHM students! It's nice out there, but don't wear your T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. Do something different, and create your own style. A scarf around the neck, layering two light dresses, bikes, sunglasses, pastel socks, you name it. Be fun, be creative, and no matter how silly you think you end up looking, you always know you've caught our eye.

Anna Tomita

Innovators of Fashion

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