As part of the surge testing by the City and County of Honolulu, UH’s campuses hosted a number of free COVID-19 testing this weekend, one of which was at UH Mānoa. The surge testing program is a part of the continued efforts against the alarming amount of positive rates the state has seen in the past couple of months. 

Today was the second time UH Mānoa had residents lining up at McCarthy Mall utilizing the walk-in testing option. The Honolulu Fire Department, Honolulu Police Department, UH Department of Public Safety and National Guard could be seen today guiding attendees through the testing process. 

Alex Dvornikov, a graduate student at UH Mānoa, was one of the many who took advantage of the free testing. Dvornikov said that the process of receiving the test was quick and only took a few minutes. 

Dvornikov feels grateful to be able to continue his studies as a graduate student and that his lifestyle has not been drastically impacted by the pandemic and the stay-at-home order. When it comes to keeping himself safe, he said he is cautious about keeping his distance. 

“Just keeping my distance from people with whom I don’t have immediate contact and then if I’m outdoors, running away from people if I’m on a run,” Dvornikov said. 

Surge testing will continue throughout the coming weeks. For more information on locations and times, visit


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