1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

2. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

3. What are you most thankful for?

4. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?


Leah Hamamura, sophomore, business major

1. "Last year when there was more food than usual and after we ate, me and my brothers watched ‘SNL: (The) Best of Will Ferrell' – good times."

2. "Stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie!"

3. "Toilet paper and cell phones, aside from family and friends."

4. "Eat the load, get a kanak attack, and hang out with my family, maybe watch some ‘SNL' again."


Seanne Andrade, freshman, marine biology major

1. "When my parents and brothers went to the beach by ourselves for the first time to eat dinner."

2. "Mashed potatoes."

3. "A supportive family."

4. "To go back to Kaua‘i."'


Rogelio Yadao, senior, education major

1. "I remember one time I went to my cousin's house for Thanksgiving dinner and she burned the turkey."

2. "Honey-glazed baked ham."

3. "Life."

4. "For lunch my girlfriend's family is coming over, and for dinner my family is going over to her place."


Brendan Cicchi, freshman, kinesiology major

1. "First Thanksgiving in the house I'm currently in – big party to celebrate. It was a lot of fun."

2. "Stuffing, turkey and gravy."

3. "Family and food."

4. "Hockey tournament in Palm Springs (Calif.)."


Heidi Suan, senior, architecture major

1. "Baking pumpkin pies with my mom and cousins at my grandma's house."

2. "Mashed potatoes and gravy."

3. "My friends and family."

4. "Spending time with my family."


Christian Simafranca, freshman, architecture major

1. "Thanksgiving with my family every year. No really specific memory."

2. "Cranberry sauce and white meat (turkey)."

3. "My family, friends and food."

4. "Dinner with the family and enjoying life."


Skyy Malaluan, junior, business major

1. "Beach picnic with my entire family at Sand Island."

2. "Stuffing."

3. "Life!"

4. "Family lunch and dinner gathering, plus watch football."


Liana Takamine, senior, architecture major

1. "Going to my grandma's house before everyone arrives and smelling the turkey cooking and helping her prepare all the delicious food. Also, eating a Thanksgiving lunch, watching T.V., then going for our Thanksgiving walk up the road and coming  back to eat the leftovers for dinner."

2. "Pumpkin pie!"

3. "Family and friends."

4. "Going home to Maui to spend time with my family and see my pets!"