Ka Leo editors put on their combat boots and rucksacks as they try MREs for the first time.

The MRE, short for “Meal, Ready-to-eat,” is “the main operational food ration for the United States Armed Forces,” according to goarmy.com. Created for soldiers while they are out on the field, one MRE has approximately 1,250 calories and often contains an entree, a side dish, and a dessert such as a cookie or pound cake, along with beverage mixes and utensils. A “Flameless Ration Heater,” which was first introduced in the 1992 according to the Defense Logistics Agency, is included in an MRE pack to heat up the entree inside.

The MREs featured in the video, along with the editors who tried them are as follows:

  • Menu 5: White Chicken Chunks - Lindsay Rees, Executive Video Producer

    • This MRE did not come with a "Flameless Ration Heater."
  • Menu 12: Elbow Macaroni in Tomato Sauce - Algeo Rosario, Digital Managing Editor

  • Menu 18: Beef Ravioli in Meat Sauce - Kailanianna Ablog, Opinions Editor

  • Menu 3: Chicken, Noodles, and Vegetables in Sauce - Chavonnie Ramos, Editor-in-Chief

  • Menu 8: Meatballs in Marinara Sauce - Agatha Danglapin, Associate Video Producer

The MREs were purchased on Amazon.

Video by Kailanianna Ablog