American Savings Bank

American Savings Bank (ASB) made the decision this month to permanently shut down their UH Mānoa branch this month after months of its operation being temporarily closed. 

"In July, we made the decision to close the branch permanently since we have several branches in close proximity to the campus," an ASB spokesperson said.

This ASB branch sits in the heart of Hemenway Hallʻs courtyard next to Ba-Le sandwich shop and the Manoa Gardens bar where students gather to study or grab a drink or a bite to eat.

The location of this ASB branch made it convenient and easy for students, residents or non-residents, to open and access a bank account without having to leave campus. 

However, Lum assured that the ASB ATM will remain and that their online banking platform will be as readily available as before. 

Nearby ASB branches can be found in Mānoa and McCully. 


Esther Kim is the Editor in Chief of Ka Leo. While she is a Bachelor's of Social Work student, she has a passion for writing and wants to use journalism in conjunction with social work to progress conversations surrounding social justice and equity.