Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting surfaces is one way to prevent catching respiratory illnesses.

On June 26, Governor Ige expressed his condolences to family and friends of an elderly Honolulu man who died of coronavirus bringing the stateʻs death toll to 18. This is the first COVID-19 death since May 3. 

“This is the worst way to emphasize the need for all of us to continue safe practices such as physical distancing, wearing of masks, and hand washing. We must protect our kūpuna and others who are at high risk, by practicing personal responsibility, especially around others outside our own immediate family or household,” Governor Ige said. 

While Hawaiʻi has reported some of the lowest death and infection rates, a Department of Health (DOH) survey indicates residentsʻ increasingly relaxed attitudes towards social distancing and the possibility of being affected by COVID-19. 

In less than two months, the number of residents who considered COVID-19 as a serious health threat decreased from 73% to 54%.

As Hawaiʻi reopens its economy, the DOH continues to emphasize that reopening does not indicate a reason to be less cautious.

“We cannot interpret the reopening of businesses, restaurants, parks and other places, as a license to let our guards down. It is more important than ever to adhere to prevention measures we know work,” Health Director Dr. Bruce Anderson said.


Esther Kim is the Editor in Chief of Ka Leo. While she is a Bachelor's of Social Work student, she has a passion for writing and wants to use journalism in conjunction with social work to progress conversations surrounding social justice and equity.