Free Store 2

The Free Store was part of an "Eating in Public" project. 

Due to health and safety concerns, the Free Store located in the Art Building at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa is expected to close.

"It has been the site lately of several hazardous material spills that were expensive to clean up (including one where the fire department was called out) and was, it turned out, opening the university and the department to a lot of liability we ourselves didn’t foresee when it was founded," Kate Lingley, Department of Art and Art History chair, said in an email to faculty, staff and graduate students.

According to Lingley, active enforcement of environmental regulations, health and safety standards, and storm-water drainage rules made it difficult to manage the store. After discussing the issue with the Health and Safety office, the decision was made to close the store. 

The Free Store was a place where students, faculty, staff and the community could leave and take miscellaneous items.

"While the Free Store we all know will no longer be there, the need it served (to get stuff from people who didn’t need it anymore to people who did) certainly isn’t going away, so I’d love for us to be able to think of alternatives," Lingley said.

The site is expected to be cleared by tomorrow.