Hamilton Scanner

The scanners have the ability to scan documents and send it straight to digital devices such as phones and computers.

UH Mānoa’s Hamilton library has added three new and free scanners to their library, replacing their outdated ones.

The scanners are accessible to students and the public. They can scan their text of choice and instantly sending it to their email or a USB drive. This a way for the university to be sustainable by reducing paper waste.

With Hamilton’s leases on their photocopiers usage going down, the library wanted to make a change.

The new scanners are a $24,000 investment and will phase out the old photocopiers.

With this new investment, Hamilton saw this as the direction to go in keeping up with the times.

“We just decided to start looking at some other options,” Monica Ghosh, interim university librarian, said.

Students can also download a scanner app on their phones to be able to send scans as an audio file.

The audio files are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Although the audio files are only available in English, Ghosh and some of her colleagues are in the process of making them available in every language.

“We are trying to make more and more innovative use of library and library space,” Ghosh said.

Aside from these new, free to use scanners, there is one copier that will remain in Hamilton library and will require students to pay a fee of 10 cents per page.