Governor Ige has approved Honolulu’s safe reopening of certain businesses and operations as announced June 5 by Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

Limitations and procedures are outlined in Exhibit A of the Emergency Order No. 2020-15 (Amendment to Ho‘oulu i Honolulu 3.0) and will be effective June 19. 

On June 19, operations and businesses that can reopen include education and care facilities such as private education, adult and special needs care. 

Indoor attractions including theatres and arcades, film and television productions, fitness facilities, bars and outdoor organized team sports can reopen on June 19. Organized team sports will be reopened in two phases. 

Regulations will still be in existence. Building occupancy must be, at maximum, fifty percent of total capacity, physical distances of six feet between people must be upheld and limits to access to high contact amenities need to be maintained. 

Organized sports teams are allowed to hold drills and skills exercises but are limited to team-based practices only in Phase 1. They also must uphold social distancing of six feet and gatherings must be under thirty people.  

Phase 2 will allow for competitive team play with similar restrictions from the first phase.

Also included in the amendment to Ho‘oulu i Honolulu 3.0 are indoor and outdoor gathering protocols. 

Any residential and non-commercial indoor gatherings can include up to ten people effective June 5. Any other non-commercial and residential indoor events with more than fifty people are prohibited. 

Outdoor gatherings up to ten individuals are allowed while any outdoor gathering with 100 individuals is still prohibited effective June 19. Social distancing measures must still be upheld between the groups and it is still encouraged that groups do not mingle with one another. 

The amendment also adds that on June 19, indoor gatherings of up to ten people no longer need to be amongst those of the same household or living unit affiliation. 

To see the full list of requirements for each activity, service or business, see the link below to the Amendment to Ho‘oulu i Honolulu 3.0.


Esther Kim is the Editor in Chief of Ka Leo. While she is a Bachelor's of Social Work student, she has a passion for writing and wants to use journalism in conjunction with social work to progress conversations surrounding social justice and equity.