Money and Finances

On Thursday, Gov. David Ige announced that all state employees have transferred to a new payroll system.

The PeopleSoft Payroll system issued 70,771 payments to 66,182 employees, which include those at the Department of Education and the University of Hawaiʻi.

Benefits of this new system include computed payroll, secured data, direct deposit capabilities, electronic W-2 forms and new online capabilities.

“This is a major milestone for the state. For 50 years we’ve been paying employees with a labor and time-intensive, paper-based, manual process run on a legacy mainframe system. The diligent work and support of many employees across all state agencies have made this transition to the new system a reality,” Ige said. “We also appreciate the support from the unions, banking community and third-party agents during the transition.”

The state completed the system through a $17 million contract, which began in Oct. 2016, with CherryRoad Technologies, Inc.

“The state’s payroll system modernization effort brings a major state operation in line with modern practices and has significantly reduced risks that were inherent in the legacy system. While work continues to stabilize the new payroll system and operations, we also look ahead to other opportunities to increase efficiencies and transform state government,” Chief Information Officer Douglas Murdock said. “Thank you to former Comptroller Roderick Becker for his sponsorship of this effort.”