Some of the observatories near the summit of Maunakea. 

Two telescopes on University of Hawaiʻi-managed lands on Maunakea is expected to be decommissioned by 2023. 

The California Institute of Technology Submilimeter Observatory and the UH Hilo Hōkū Ke‘a teaching telescope are both being decommissioned, according to UH Executive Director of Maunakea Stewardship Greg Chun. 

Deconstruction and site restoration work for CSO is expected to begin in 2021 and conclude in mid-to-late 2022. 

Hōkū Ke‘a is expected to be decommissioned in early 2023 and will take about six months to complete. 

On Feb. 18, the Maunakea Management Board approved UH Hilo’s Notice of Intent to decommission the Hōkū Kea telescope.

But the only condition is that the university proceeds with the planning and permitting for a new teaching telescope for UH Hilo students and the Hawaiʻi Island community.

The process includes finding a new location for a telescope. According to UH, a possibly is the Hale Pōhaku mid-level facilities on Maunakea. UH is financially responsible for the decommissioning of Hōkū Ke‘a and establishing the new UH Hilo teaching telescope.

The university selected a construction project management firm in February to handle the planning and permitting for the telescope decommissioning.

UH is also in the process of awarding a contract to find a new location and begin the planning process for a new UH Hilo teaching telescope.

The university provided the decommissioning updates to the UH Board of Regents at the Feb. 20 meeting at UH West Oahu. 

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