James Comey

Comey came under fire for reopening the Clinton email case 11 days before election day. 

It is well known that Trump could have some very serious ties to Russia. Whether it is speculation over Russian hackers having influenced the election or Trump sharing classified information with Russian officials, people believe that something is going on between the Trump administration and Russia.

On May 9, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who was investigating the Trump administration's ties to Russia. With uncertainty surrounding why Trump fired Comey, many say that it was a conspiracy to prevent confirmation of his involvement with Russia. 

There is overwhelming evidence to say that this is true and, while Trump himself might give other reasons for why he fired Comey, I believe there were sinister ulterior motives. 

Events leading up to the firing

Beginning in January, people already began to suspect foul play in regards to Russia influencing Trump. As more information started to arise, Trump began firing people that could potentially expose him. 

Sally Yates, the acting attorney general, was one of the first people Trump fired once he took office. The former acting attorney general deemed Trump’s travel ban on various Middle Eastern countries unconstitutional. Yates went on to warn Trump about Michael Flynn’s involvement with Russia on multiple occasions.

Many think that she was fired because she knew more about Trump’s ties to Russia and was going to release this information to the press if she was allowed to search further. 

Later, Trump fired Michael Flynn, even though Flynn claims that he left of his own accord. There are some sources that say Trump asked him to leave, and with Flynn’s strong Russian ties, it is likely for that reason that he was removed from the Trump Administration.

Firing the FBI Director himself

This finally brings us to the President's most recent firing: that of Director of the FBI, James Comey. In his letter to Comey, Trump claimed the director was fired based on recommendations made by the Justice Department. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein cited the "handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton's emails" as reason to dismiss the Director of the FBI. Many people thought this was a very blatant lie, as Trump had even said that Comey was going to be fired regardless of recommendation.

Comey was supposedly not even notified that he was fired until he heard so on the television, and was only later given a letter telling him what had happened. Many people at the FBI were shocked to hear of the dismissal, as the information was discovered while Comey was leading a meeting.

Comey was supposedly told to drop the Flynn case, which he may not have, and was also working to discover if Trump had connections to Russia. After Comey’s firing and Trump’s meeting with the Russian ambassador and Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, there is a high level of suspicion that Trump fired Comey out of fear that he would be discovered.

In a presidency that echoes that of Nixon, Trump is a corrupt man who is trying to hide his tracks. Firing Comey is part of a conspiracy to keep Trump in office, and to keep people from finding out about his plans with Russia.