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There is no logic behind America leaving the Paris Agreement

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Donald Trump

Although Trump’s announcement that America would exit the Paris Agreement was expected, the proclamation still generated uproar. The announcement led to the resignation of Elon Musk and Bob Iger – two of Trump’s advisors.

The states of California, Washington and New York were inspired to form the United States Climate Alliance (USCA), which is committed to upholding the Paris Agreement. The USCA, as of June 8, has 12 membersincluding Hawai’i — with more states considering joining in the near future. 

After watching his announcement and trying to fight the thought that he looks like an orange Furby, I collected several of his arguments regarding America’s exit from the agreement and delved deeper into their flawed logic.

The Paris Accord could cost Americans 2.7 million jobs by 2025

The study that Trump is referring to is from the National Economic Research Associates, which has a methodology with lots of holes. One of these holes involves excluding the likely increase in jobs created by renewable energy. The study was also commissioned by the American Council for Capital Formation and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which are organizations that oppose any government action on climate change.

Any science that is swayed by bias is not real science. Research must be conducted from a neutral standpoint in order to be taken seriously. 

China will be allowed to build hundreds of additional coal plants

Trump is making the claim that the agreement harms American businesses, since China has the ability to build hundreds of coal plants and America can not, which is false. Because the agreement is non-binding, each country is allowed to set their own guidelines regarding carbon emissions. The agreement will not harm America in any way, considering that America is not forced to do anything.

China has adhered to this agreement by announcing that they will limit their coal-based power capacity to a Terawatt by cancelling their plans to build over 100 power plants, and by possibly closing more power plants.

The temperature reduction would not even matter

The study that Trump is referring to is a 2015 MIT report that says that the temperature reduction would be two-tenths of a degree celsius. While this does not seem like a lot, he is ignoring the fact that the effects of of climate change are most pronounced in the oceans.

Because water has a higher heat capacity than air, the time it takes for water to gain or lose heat is rather significant. Therefore two-tenths of a degree celsius can be the difference between many coastal regions being underwater and saving over 100 million people worldwide.

Trump cares about the environment

Yeah sure, he “cares” about the environment alright. That is why he is slashing the EPA’s budget by 31%, supporting the coal industry and leaving an agreement that could leave about 18 percent of the world’s total pollution unchecked. 

Trump does not care about the environment. If he did, then why is he buying into these conspiracy theories regarding climate change and using severely flawed logic to justify his point? His idiocy has potentially doomed the Earth to a life of polluted air, rising sea levels and possibly millions of lives. He had better come to terms with reality before the American people have to deal with the consequences.