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There is no shame in getting a tutor

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For the average student, you likely are not going to be exceptional at every class you take. Sometimes, your grades may slip in classes you like because you are too busy cramming for the classes you struggle in. Having a tutor can be vital to passing school. It is important to break the stigmas around tutoring.

Tutoring services at UH Mānoa

UHM students are offers free tutoring in certain subjects | Photo via Ka Leo

You could study on your own, learn through books and memorize formulas through your own volition and dedication and make it past these tough classes without any help. However, if you had the option to work alone and maybe pass or work with a trained and dedicated professional and increase your overall chances at passing, why would you not prefer to take the second option?

Benefits of getting a tutor

Some people think that receiving tutoring is a last resort, and that it should only be used when a student’s grades are slipping or they become more stressed in their life. However, this is far from the truth.

There is a difference between a teacher and a tutor. According to a post by the Schmid College of Science and Technology, a teacher lectures a student on a subject, but a tutor gives explanations that help them understand the topic. Whether it is learning a formula in math, a timeline in history or a grammar rule in a foreign language, a tutor will explain it in a way that helps the student. A teacher deposits information. A tutor can relate information, ultimately aiding students in applying learned knowledge to homework and tests.

Some students may also suffer from crowd anxiety. According to Oxford Learning, a tutor helps a student get one on one attention. Having things explained directly to them, as opposed to an entire class of 20–100 students, could calm a student's anxiety. 

Mānoa’s tutoring programs

UH Mānoa’s Learning Assistance Center (LAC) strives to help students who are struggling by providing a learning environment that allows any of the diverse population of students in attendance to succeed. They offer tutoring in business, science, math and language courses.

They help a student understand self-reliance, learning practices, course understanding and any other skills they need to pass their class. The sessions are free for students.