Donald Trump May 17 2017

On May 17, President Trump delivered his first address to a service academy graduating class, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy's Class of 2017. 

What is the first thing that people think of when they hear the name "Donald Trump"? His supporters might say "successful" or "entertaining," while his opponents would probably respond with "narcissistic" or "arrogant." If there is anything that I learned from May 17, it is that "cry-baby" should be added to that list.

In the weeks leading up to May 17, the Trump administration received scrutiny from news outlets for recent decisions. These controversies include firing FBI Director James Comey and revealing highly classified information to Russia.

Amidst these controversies, Trump delivered a speech at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s commencement ceremony.

“Look at the way I’ve been treated lately especially by the media,” Trump said, “No politician in history — and I say this with great surety — has been treated worse or more unfairly.”

Although the media had said unflattering things about President Trump's handling of his job, that doesn’t mean that he is the most "unfairly" treated politician in history.

It is very troubling that a president would come out and say this when it is obviously not true. One does not need to go that far to understand this – just ask Twitter.

Worst-treated politician ever?

Twitter users had a field day with that quote, claiming that leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were treated worse than our 45th president, as they had been assassinated.

Their argument was that unless you have been shot in the head by your own constituents, you have no right to say that you have been treated worse than any other politician. While I would agree, being assassinated would not even skim the surface of what qualifies as being treated most unfairly, other factors do come into play.

If I had to choose which politician has been treated the worst, it would have to be President James A. Garfield. President Garfield, less than four months after being sworn in as president, was shot multiple times by Charles J. Guiteau. Garfield's assassin had been declared criminally insane by his family a few years prior.

Although he survived the assassination attempt, the bullet wound became infected. Several doctors attempted to find the bullet using unclean hands, causing the infection to spread throughout Garfield's entire body.

The 20th president died 11 weeks later due to the combined effects of a ruptured artery, bronchial pneumonia and his body’s inability to fight the infection. So, not only was Garfield assassinated, but he also spent the last 11 weeks of his life in pain.

Why say it if it isn’t true?

Donald Trump was not assassinated nor spent his last 11 weeks with his entire body infected. All the president has endured is criticism from news outlets whose job it is to report on our leaders in order to keep them accountable.

I firmly believe that the president is so narcissistic and self-conscious about his image that in his mind any criticism, no matter how small, is the equivalent of someone breaking his arm.

An example of this in action is when he boasted that his first 100 days in office were “the most successful” of any U.S. president. Not only was this comment false, he spent most of his speeches talking about how any news story that fact-checked him was "fake news."

Playing the victim card does not make your problems with the media go away. If he wants this difficulty to disappear, he should listen to these criticisms and take them to heart. This might allow the media to treat him with the respect that he so desperately wants and win back some of his voters who are getting really angry with his policies.