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Why you should volunteer at the humane society

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For those who want to work for a cause that is noble and helps animals around Honolulu, the Hawaiian Humane Society is a nonprofit organization open to volunteers. It is a wholesome job and you get to work with cats, which is already a plus in general.

What the humane society does

According to Stephanie Kendrick, the public policy advocate of the Hawaiian Humane Society, working there is a job “full of interesting, smart and fun people, all working towards a good cause.” 

The Hawaiian Humane Society cares for all types of animals found around O‘ahu. This includes cats, dogs and other animals abandoned by their owners. They care for more than 20,000 animals each year. 

In addition to adoption and care services, they also ensure that overpopulation becomes less of a problem by enforcing spaying and neutering. According to Kendrick, “overpopulation is one of the biggest sources of suffering for animals across Honolulu.”

Limiting the number of cats and dogs that end up on the streets is important, and by working at the humane society, you can contribute to that. There are also options for people who are not able to volunteer or adopt the pets themselves.

What you can do if you cannot adopt

Certain pets, particularly cats, are too sick or underweight and need foster care before being officially adopted. As the stress of a permanent home can be a major strain on animals that are not ready for it, people can foster these pets and give them the proper attention and healthcare they need before they are able to go to a permanent home.

In addition, according to Kendrick, more than “52,000 people across Oahu report to feeding a cat that is not their own.” 

While this may not be conducive to helping the cat overpopulation issue, checking if they are spayed or neutered is something that can be done to help the problem.

Volunteering at the Humane Society can serve as a bolster for personal character on a resume, but even if you cannot do that, simply donating or helping out in the other suggested ways would be more than a help to these animals.