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Five easy, cheap, last minute DIY Halloween costumes

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Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. You have no money and little resources, but still want to come up with something decent to wear on one of the most fun nights of the year. Here are some costume ideas that are easy and quick to put together.


Instead of dressing up as an offensive racial or cultural stereotype this year, opt for a cheaper and far more witty alternative. Take a white T-shirt and a sharpie. Draw a stereo to the best of your ability. If you are lazy or not artistic, you can print out a picture of a stereo and pin it to your T-shirt. Grab a keyboard and make sure to occasionally type around on it. You are now a “Stereo-Type”.

Tinder Profile:

Why not kill two birds with one stone with a Halloween costume that is cheap and lets people know that you're single and ready to mingle.Take a large square piece of cardboard and cut a rectangle in the center of the cardboard. You can paint the cardboard white or red and paste white printer paper around the cardboard. With a red marker, draw the tinder logo on top of the cardboard and a red X at the bottom center left. On the bottom, leave room for the green heart on the bottom center right. After drawing the heart on, take a blue marker and draw a star on the side of the heart, and with a yellow marker, draw an arrow next to the X. With a black sharpie, write your name and a short description. Hold up the frame to your face and be yourself.

Hipster Ghost:

If you're feeling lazy but want to give the illusion of some effort, this costume might be for you. Take any sheet, preferably white, and cut two eye holes in the center. Drape is over yourself. Add a hat, high socks, glasses, and a skateboard. If you don’t have a skateboard, an artisanal cup of coffee or a book of poetry will do. You can tell your friends that you died after not paying attention to traffic while shredding down Dole Street and trying to upload a sick “insta pic.”

Greek / Drunk Frat Boy:

If being a ghost is still too much effort for you, or you don’t want to ruin a sheet, take a white sheet, grab the two ends and tie them over one shoulder. You can be a Greek, or you can carry a red solo cup and be a drunk frat boy. Ladies can add a belt to their toga to make it more flattering. Feel free to add a headband to complete the look.

50 Shades of Grey:

Go to your nearest hardware store, such as Ace, Lowes or Home Depot. Go to the paint section and collect paint sample cards in as many shades of grey as you can find. Don’t worry, these cards are free. Find any grey top, like a t-shirt or a sweater. Pin the paint samples all over the sweater. You are now “50 shades of grey.”