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Five Overused Costumes to Avoid

Be creative. Avoid these costumes this Halloween

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With Halloween just around the corner, last-minute shoppers are out on the hunt for this year’s perfect costume. Challenge yourself to get creative this year by avoiding these five overused Halloween costumes.

1) The Black Cat

The notorious black cat is a favorite because of how easy it is. Wearing a black top, leggings to match, and a headband with cat ears completes the look. There always seems to be a girl dressed like this at every Halloween party. To avoid a fashion faux-PAW by having the same costume on as the girl next to you, try to stay away from this costume.

2) The Nerd

Bordering on the line of being slightly offensive to those who may actually dress in a similar fashion, this overused costume is another to reconsider before heading out the door.  Another easy costume to achieve: Overalls, glasses; that’s it. This Halloween, opt for a costume that’s more creative (and less stereotypical).

3) The Witch/Wizard

“Harry Potter” will always hold a special place in our childhood hearts, but it’s now 2016.  Ditch the pointy top hats, fake wooden wands, and leave the “Harry Potter World” merchandise in Azkaban: It’s time to move on. 

4) The Vampire

Halloween only comes once a year, so it’s your opportunity to go “all out.”  Don’t fall victim to laziness by haphazardly putting on a pair of fake vampire teeth and applying some fake blood.  There’s always more fun to experience when you get fully involved in the Halloween spirit.

5) The Zombie

With popular games such as “Plants vs. Zombies” and zombie-themed movies/shows like “World War Z” and “The Walking Dead,” this costume hit its peak a number of years ago. While saturation of the character in media may have made it popular, it’s time to ditch the zombie apocalypse trend and change up your “undead” look.