Quick looks

Whether you’re a procrastinator, are way too busy to think, or just completely forgot that there is a holiday coming up: Halloween is on Friday and you better have a costume. Here are a few last minute costumes to throw together from things you already have in your closet. 


You want to throw on as many colors as possible. Pick a green leotard, black cape, red shorts and blue mask and call yourself a superhero. If someone asks who you are tell them you’re still deciding on a name and ask for suggestions. Bonus points if you pick something like “stealing-candy-from-baby-preventor-man.”

Where’s Waldo

For the people who don’t want to be found. Grab jeans and a red-stripped shirt and top it off with a red-stripped hat and glasses. Run away from people when they say they have found you.  

Life Hands You Lemons

Everyone will understand. Life hands everyone lemons, so why not be life for the night. Grab a T-shirt and write the word “life” on the front. Bring some lemons out with you; you are officially life handing people lemons. Be sure not to throw them at people though, you don’t want to be life chucking lemons. 

Nudist on Strike

The opposite of the skimpy clothing Halloween costume. Throw on your normal clothes, or perhaps a nice tuxedo, then hang a sign around your neck reading “nudist on strike” everyone will stop to read your sign and get a chuckle out of your creativity. 

Cat Burglar

All black everything. Put on a black leotard, with black tights, black cat ears and a black mask. Bring a bag with dollar signs on it and you’ve officially been indicted onto the cat burglar wanted list.