Whether you live on or off campus, you will likely experience an instance in-between your classes where you’re in dire need of a nap and don’t have the time to go back home. Here are the top five spots that could serve as a location for a quick nap.

Keep in mind that taking a nap on public grounds, no matter how comfortable you are and how safe it may seem, is risky. You and your belongings will be exposed. Your bed is the safest and best option for a nap.

Campus Center Third Floor

Pro As the most isolated portion of the Campus Center, the third floor will offer nappers relative quiet and comfort. The carpeted ground is an alternative if the chairs are all occupied. 

Con There are very few chairs to use. Furthermore, your belongings will not be safe because the area is not as secure as the lower levels of Campus Center or the library. 

Campus Center TV lounge

Pro If you like to nap while the TV is on, this is your spot. There are plenty of chairs so you can pick and choose. 

Con Located near the bookstore, Subway and Starbucks; this spot is not ideal if you are a light sleeper. 

Cushioned chairs inside Sinclair

Pro The chairs are comfortable. The library is secured with guards and cameras, minimizing safety risks. Sinclair’s hours are also favorable because the library opens its doors for 132 hours a week. 

Con Because the chairs are located in the middle of the library, noise level cannot be controlled. If you didn’t bring earphones with you, you will likely be disturbed by surrounding conversations. Also, unlike Hamilton, Sinclair only has air conditioning on the third floor.

Grass area in front of Bachman Hall

Pro The size of the grassy area in front of Bachman Hall gives nappers the luxury to choose a perfect spot. The multitude of trees will provide nappers with sufficient shade. 

Con The grass area is exposed to insects and rain. Also, remember not to nap near the bus-stop because the noise level is bothersome.

Japanese Garden

Pro The obvious plus of the Japanese Garden is its beauty. The garden’s peaceful environment will make it easier to take a quick nap. Its various trees will also provide a sufficient amount of shade for nappers who need a rest midday. 

Con The garden’s distant location makes it difficult to be the ideal spot. Furthermore, the garden is exposed to rain and insects. You will likely need to bring something to lay on to avoid dirtying your clothes.