STAR: “Your Guided Pathway to Graduation,” is the first thing noticed on the University of Hawai‘i System GPS Registration website.

A short video in the background is played of people exploring, working and learning.

Once logged in with a UH ID and password, students gain access to multiple options such as viewing courses needed to graduate in a timely manner and personalizing a plan to fit everyone’s college experience.

For the past year, STAR team members have been making videos on YouTube to help students better understand and navigate the website.

“In addition to navigating through your classes and looking up past transcripts from semester or department, STAR has a new helpful resource through a Youtube channel created by us,” Phil Sequeira, computer science major and team member at STAR, said. 

The page includes one- to two-minute episodes that give helpful hints on how to navigate through STAR and answer frequently asked questions.

“The number one FAQ item by far was about holds... Holds come in many forms and there was a lot of confusion surrounding them,” Sequeira said. 

The first episode posted on STAR’s Instagram and YouTube was about handling holds which brought FAQ emails concerning these issues down significantly in the STAR Help inbox.

The most recent video posted on Friday, Aug. 2 was about the “What if Journey” tab located on a student’s STAR homepage.

“People don’t know really what it’s about,” Sequeira said. “But it’s a way to delve into other majors you could go with and explore other options before making any hasty decisions with officially changing your major.” 

This feature takes a look at the program or major selected and takes all of the classes that a student has already taken and works it all out into a new plan.

Sequeira has been working on the social media platforms and making “STAR Coaches” episodes to make students’ lives a little less stressful.

“It’s really satisfying to help students get through registration as easily as possible,” he said. “I know people are probably not going to sit down with a bag of popcorn to binge my videos for fun, but I take a lot of pride in making them better every episode.”

In the future, in order to reach more followers and make the episodes more accessible, Sequeira suggested integrating the videos directly onto the STAR interface itself. For example, when clicking the View Holds tab, the “HOLDS” episode would be displayed along with details of which office placed a hold on your account.

If students have any trouble with STAR, search for a video on the subject and contact STAR Help.

To see STAR’s latest video on the “What if Journey” tab, visit: