For those who are excited about spring break but are searching for the perfect tunes to celebrate, explore these three playlists.

Spring break is your much-needed time away for the spring semester. Instead of lounging at home binge-watching Netflix, why not go all out and get away to another island or splurge on a nice dinner? It’s always good to treat yourself once in awhile and spring break is the perfect opportunity…

O‘ahu is by far the most visited island in Hawai‘i, with 4.7 million visitors annually, followed by Maui with 2.4 million. Hawaii’s No. 1 tourist destination, however, is its best keep secret. For those truly looking to get away from it all, here is a list of activities to do when on the fri…

Maui, known as “The Valley Isle”, provides a change of scenery from O‘ahu, as it is more slow-paced with a country atmosphere and many large, open fields. If you’re paying a visit, check out these locally-loved places to play and eat.

Unlike states on the mainland, living in Hawai‘i means we get to enjoy a lot of air travel. We fly in-between Islands, throughout the Pacific and back and forth from the Mainland. Not only do we rack up a lot of frequent flyer miles, but we also need creative ways of helping pass the time as…

Spend a week on the Garden Isle and you’ll be sure to come across wild chickens, single lane streets and plantation-style houses. Kaua‘i sends its visitors to a simpler time period. It’s a laid back lifestyle away from the city with a lot of plantation era influence. Although one of the olde…

O‘ahu is the island of tourism, with beautiful hotels around every corner. As we quickly make our way to spring break, it might be time to start looking for the best hotel to accommodate your needs. Whether you’re looking to throw the best spring break party of all time, or you’re hoping to …

America’s leader for the next term will be decided this year. Democrats and Republicans are dueling for the opportunity to succeed the Obama Administration and, on March 26 at 1 p.m., the Hawai‘i Democratic Caucus (HDC) will open to voters. 

Spring break is an exciting time in the semester during which one can take a break from school to relax. The one-week vacation can create life long memories that are worth sharing. UH Mānoa students shared some of their favorite spring break memories.

There is one more week of school before the sweet, sweet release of spring break. I am confident that many of you have been counting down the days since Jan. 11. The perpetual pounding doled out by midterms has grown tiresome by this point, and everyone wants to either sit in bed and watch N…

Great job champ, you’ve done it now. It’s the end of spring break and you have done none of the homework assigned to you. It’s Sunday night and you’ve got just over 12 hours to get two essays and three handouts done. Now what? Panic? Cry? Give up? Not a chance. Here is your quick and dirty guide to getting your work done fast.

College students are notoriously short on cash. However, if you have been saving money, or this is your last semester, this spring break could be perfect for an expensive adventure.

Relaxing at the beach

College students spend most of their time at school trying to be as efficient and organized as possible. With quizzes, assignments and projects due every week, it’s important to have a plan to get through the semester. Spring break is no different, except that there are no quizzes, assignments or projects. Doing nothing can still be enhanced by a basic set of plans and preparations.

Life’s a beach, so why not spend your spring break on the sand? Here are seven great beaches, each with their own fantastic appeal.

With spring break almost upon us, there is no doubt professors will see this as a time to pile on the homework. They think that vacations are meant to provide time for extra work when, in reality, they are missing the point of a vacation altogether.

Spring break is here, which means that you don’t have to worry about waking up early or finishing your essays. But wait, you have nothing planned and you don’t want to stay at home all day binge-watching “Friends” on Netflix. We have a solution to your problem: Call up a few friends, get dressed and go to one (or all) of the events listed below.

Once a year the season of rebirth occurs. Along with the blooming flowers and melting ice, students are rewarded with a mid-semester calm, a period of rejuvenation – spring break.

Hawai‘i Island is one of the most scenically diverse locations in the state, making it the perfect spring break destination. Doing every available activity on Hawai‘i is near impossible in a lifetime, let alone a week, so to help you plan your outer-island adventure, here are some of the highlights of the state’s biggest island.

There is always one complaint everyone has on the tip of their tongues before spring break: “I can’t fly home – the amount of money I’m spending for a week isn’t even worth it.” However, there are ways to getting around paying that four-digit price tag.

Set your mood to 'adventurous' and pack your shoes; we're going hiking this spring break. At the end of the week you'll have awesome pictures and amazing memories to make this spring break one for the records.

Three ideas for spending spring break at home or in your dorm.