Emulating football, ultimate frisbee is a popular obscure sport in Hawai‘i due to its simplicity and minimal equipment required. Teams can play on fields as they attempt to pass a frisbee into the endzone. The most important rule is that players cannot run with the frisbee and instead have to pass their way to victory. All it takes to play is a frisbee and an even number of friends to play with. Games are often played on the corner of campus near Sinclair Circle, but are also played on parks all over the island.


Although there are many ways to use a frisbee at the beach or at a park, disc golf is a chance to turn a hobby into a sport. Organized in a similar way to normal golf, players throw discs of various weights toward holes that are usually metal baskets with chains to catch the discs. These discs can be picked up at a few sporting goods stores on the island, and most people use three different discs for long, medium and short distance throws.

The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa has a marked course that is only open on Sunday mornings. While, students with a car can head out to a more structured course at Turtle Bay on the North Shore, any open park with noticeable landmarks can serve as a makeshift place to play.


Paintball involves teams playing basic war games that use athletic prowess, teamwork and strategy. Although gear and ammunition can be expensive, rentals often last for an entire day to let people get their money’s worth on a weekend. 

Those with a few interested friends can find a relaxed atmosphere at the paintball facility on the military side of Bellows where the field consists of trees and makeshift buildings. People looking for a more structured game can check out the Hawai‘i All-Star facility near the airport, or Paintball Hawaii in Kapolei.


Field hockey takes the basic rules of hockey and places it on grass, something that Hawai‘i has plenty of. Teams of 11 players use sticks to pass a small ball across a 100-yard field in an attempt to score in a net smaller than a soccer goal. Field Hockey in Hawai‘i is the only field hockey group on O‘ahu, and they organize games on Saturdays through their Facebook page. Similar to soccer and basketball, smaller numbers of people can play on any field with makeshift equipment and goals to get an idea of what the sport is about.