Petra Melounova

In the second round of the NCAA tournament held in Athens, GA in the Dan Magill Tennis Complex, freshman tennis player Petra Melounova fell to LSU’s Joana Valle Costa.

Valle Costa was ranked No. 46 while Melounova stood at No. 70. The game was lost in straight sets 6-3, 6-2 and broke Melounova’s 14 game winning streak.

Melounova led the first set 2-0 before Valle Costa came back to a 2-3 lead and eventually a 3-3 tie before she held the match. Valle Costa led the second set, which encountered a rain delay, from the beginning.

Melounova was the second Wahine to be invited to play at the NCAA tournament and the first to win a NCAA match. She was also the first Big West Conference player to win a NCAA match since 1988. She was one of seven freshmen to advance to the second round.