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Photo from AP

NBA, MLB and NHL teams are not participating in games following the riots and protests in Kenosha after the death of Jacob Blake. 

The NBA started the domino effect yesterday morning with the Milwaukee Bucks refusing to leave the locker room at the start of Game 5 in their first round matchup in the NBA Playoffs. Soon after, their opponents, the Orlando Magic, joined them in their own locker room. The NBA later announced the postponement of all three playoff games today after teams started discussing similar plans.

The MLB and NHL are joining the movement as well.

The first team to announce their boycott was the Milwaukee Brewers, another team from Wisconsin, and according to MLB analyst Jeff Passan, other teams started their own plans to follow suit.

The NHL announced the postponement of the next two days of competition, four games in total, as they made the decision to join the other two leagues.

The NBA did announce games will begin again starting tomorrow, however they will be going on without two of the most popular teams, the LA Lakers and LA Clippers. Both teams were favorites to make it to the NBA Finals. Will a league without two of the best players in the league, LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard, still succeed?

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