Charlie Wade

University of Hawai'i men's volleyball head coach Charlie Wade denies claims of alleged misconduct that happened 30 years ago when he coached a club volleyball team in California.

Allegations of misconduct against University of Hawaiʻi men’s volleyball head coach Charlie Wade involving a former female athlete approximately 30 years ago in California surfaced this week. 

The university said that Wade "strongly denies that any type of misconduct took place." 

According to a story in the Orange County (Calif.) Register, Wade was placed on an interim measure-suspension by the U.S. Center for SafeSport and USA Volleyball since September while under investigation for misconduct.  

SafeSport was created by the Olympics Committee in 2017 after there were allegations of sexual misconduct in USA Gymnastics.

According to SafeSport, an individual under interim measure-suspension “is prohibited from participating in any capacity in any activity or competition authorized by, organized by, or under the auspices of the United States Olympic Committee, the national governing bodies recognized by the USOC, and/or a Local Affiliated Organization of a national governing body recognized by the ‘USOC pending final resolution of the matter.”

The Rainbow Warriors will travel to California for the NCAA tournament from May 2 to 4. 

NCAA events do not fall under SafeSport, USOC or USA Volleyball authority, so Wade is not prohibited from coaching while under investigation by SafeSport.

UH said in a statement that "UH takes any allegations of misconduct seriously. The university is actively reviewing the matter and is awaiting the conclusion of the SafeSport investigation."

"There has never been an accusation of this type and he has carried himself with the highest level of professionalism," UH spokesman Dan Meisenzahl said. 

Meisenzahl said the university has a system-wide Title IX office and all of the coaches have gone through rigorous training in regards to these types of situations.

Wade cooperated with the SafeSport investigation, but he has still not been interviewed and heard from the organization since then. His attorney requested multiple times, and most recently April 4, that SafeSport provides updates to the investigation. 

UH said there are processes in place and will determine what the next steps are after more details arise from the investigation.

This story will be updated. 

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