Marketing Department

The goal of the Marketing Department is to connect students and faculty of UH Manoa with various resources around the campus and outside comunity.

Our marketing team consists of three departments, advertising, graphic design and public relations. ​Each dapartment strives to ​serve our client’s needs by developing a range of advertising and marketing campaigns that will effectively reach the University of Hawaii at Manoa audience, as well as building long term relationships with it's community.

General Structure of the Marketing/ Advertising Program


The Marketing Department’s purpose is to support all Student Media departments through the revenue generating solutions we provide to our clients.

The purpose of the marketing team is to inform the UHM community with knowledge of surrounding businesses, allowing them to make informed decisions of buying options.

We strive to be innovative and creative in our movement toward converged media.


The Mission of the Marketing Department is to help students gain real world working experience and transferable skills that lead to better career opportunities after graduation. We achieve this mission by training and guiding our students on how to provide professional marketing solutions to our clients through our products and services.