Editorial group picture

2014 National College Media Convention
    >1st Place Best in Show

2015 Pa’i Awards
    >1st Place School Newspaper Excellence

2015 College Media Business & Advertising Managers, Inc. Awards
    >3rd Place Media Company of the Year
    >1st Place Best Classified Page or Section
    >1st Place Best Interstitial
    >1st Place Best Sponsored Content or Native Advertising
    >2nd Place Best Fundraising Idea
    >2nd Place Best Mobile App Strategy
    >2nd Place Best Sales Pitch or Proposal
    >3rd Place Best Mobile App Sales Increase
    >3rd Place Best Video Ad or Underwriting Spot
    >3rd Place Best Interactive or Digital Rate Card or Media Kit
    >3rd Place Best Sales Strategy for a Special Edition
    >4th Place Best Training Program
    >4th Place Best Self-Branded Promotional Giveaway