Ka Leo job chart

Staff writers are responsible for writing clear, concise stories for the desk they work for. Each staff writer should work closely with his/her respective editor to provide updates on stories and generate story ideas. Each desk has different requirements for their staff writers, such as how often writers are expected to contribute.

Web reporters are responsible for producing original reports (written and multimedia) of breaking news, sporting events, campus events and sometimes off-campus events specifically for the Ka Leo website. Additionally, web reporters must monitor the Ka Leo campus security radio scanner for incidents that must also be reported. Web reporters must have a minimum of 5 office hours per week for both summer terms. However, having 10 office hours a week is highly recommended. 

The associate editor assists the desk editor in a variety of capacities that will vary with the desires of the desk editor. These duties could include training writers and new associates, making story assignments, keeping track of payroll and expenses, answering correspondence, dealing with routine questions from the reading public and potential contributors. Associate editors also may be asked to write stories or columns. Associate editors must have a minimum of five office hours a week.

The Opinions editor plans, edits, and assists in writing content for each issue. The editor accepts story pitches from writers and delegates assignments while assisting them in developing their arguments. In addition to helping the staff, the opinions editor attends weekly staff and editorial board meetings. The opinions editor also coordinates multimedia packages and is required to have at least 10 desk hours in the fall and spring semesters. Must attend twice a year training.