Stock flame

The past night the weather was horrible.  Here, it was raining, storming, and trees were falling all over town.  As a result of the bad weather, today the festival was cancelled.  Everyone was already up and ready to go, we were all anxious to go and see what kind of damage there was.  Arriving at the festival our tent had fallen and all the poles were bent.  Signs and many other things were all over the ground underneath the tent.  Fortunately, the loʻi stayed in tack, eo Hāloa! 

After checking on our areas we all went to different Museums and sites around town.  I went to the American History Museum and the Natural History Museum.  The American History Museum is perfect for anyone that has interests in anything and everything American, from the American flag to American films.  Some good exhibits were the First Lady Exhibit and the Star Spangled Banner Exhibit. 

The next museum I visited was the Natural History Museum.  This exhibit is perfect for any person that loves all things nature.  Entering the museum you are welcomed by a sculpture of a huge elephant.  Walking further in, there is marine life, dinosaurs, butterflies, gems, etc.  Anyone can spend hours in this museum. 

Today was a great day for everyone to catch up on sightseeing, relaxing, and staying out of the heat.  Tonight everyone is coming together to enjoy a nice dinner and to talk story about what we did today and our plans for tomorrow.  We are all excited to get back to the festival.