Today was supposed to be one of the hottest days since we got here.  Today was, but the day of the big storm was a little hotter.  We were given constant reminders to drink water and to stay cool as much as possible.  The UH tent was featuring loʻi kalo, kuʻi kalo demonstration, hei hula, aquaponics, Hawaiian crafts and implements, wayfinding techniques, etc. 

We had a constant flow of visitors, and a big attraction of our tent is our misters, which draws visitors in.   Visitors also like the UH tent because we have several hands on activities for them to do and to learn a few things about the Hawaiian culture.  Many visitors will not leave the UH tent until they have completely accomplished their chant, craft, etc.  This reminds the UH delegation and shows the world that the Hawaiian culture is irreplaceable.  Visitors are really enjoying all of our activities.  Many visitors will stay for long periods of time to do as much activities as possible in the tent. 

 Many of the UH delegation participants have been meeting people from Hawaiʻi or used to live in Hawaiʻi around town.  When they find out we are from Hawaiʻi doing presentations that come to the festival and enjoy what we all have to offer.  Many have done some things and some not so much.  Overall, they just love being amongst people from Hawaiʻi again and having something in common with all of us and being able to relate. 

Later this evening, the majority of the UH delegation came together to have dinner and kanikapila together before everyone starts to leave DC and head back home to beautiful Hawaiʻi and our islands.