Original print date: Sept. 13, 1922 in Vol. 1, Issue No. 1

To start a paper is the easiest thing in the world. Those associated with the enterprise are inspired with noble ambition, they see a great work that needs to be done, they throb with ideas on how the world should be run and welcome the opportunity of carrying their message to all who came within the range of printers’ ink and newspaper circulation.

To keep a newspaper going is among the most difficult tasks. Those associated with the enterprise find that the expense is greater than they anticipated. In a short time they learn that not all the business men with whom they come in contact are as enthusiastic as the promoters over the business value of the medium. Then the writers, having let off their preliminary steam, and relieved the pressure on their mental system, find that providing copy of the journal and developing new phases of the same idea in an attractive, convincing and readable form is very much like hard work. And after a few weeks of effervescent enthusiasm, there is a tendency to tire of the deadly routine of trying to produce something new.

I was very glad to learn that the University of Hawaii is contemplating the publication of a news medium that will serve to unite the student body and give the people of the Territory an opportunity to keep in touch with what is going on at the University.

I wish you every possible success.

My first work in providing the money to carry on a business enterprise was done in connection with a college publication. Times have changed, but I have observed that quite a number of the enterprises of this character approach the reading public and the business community on the basis that the publication is deserving of support in the nature of contributions. Let me suggest that you are immediately threatened with failure if you start out on this line.

Create something of value and then do your best to sell it.

The only possible road to success for a news medium or magazine is to turn out a product which from its demonstrated ability to properly fill a field of usefulness, attracts the friendly attention of the reader and thus appeals to the business man as a worth while medium for the investment of the money he sets apart for advertising.

The university publication carries a very great responsibility. It will be accepted as reflection the character of Institution. Those associated with it should guard against making it a ridiculous plaything. It should be a clean cut, healthy, good natured expression of normal University life.

I am sure that the young man and women of the University of Hawaii possess the ability to establish and maintain one of the best university publications of its kind in the country.

All you need to do is to apply that ability and prove your willingness to make the effort in concentrated study and unrelenting hard work.