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A mini guide to sushi

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Manoa Sushi

For something that involving raw fish, sushi is delicious. It is exciting because saying that you eat raw fish makes you seem adventurous and exotic. The basic ingredients — fish, rice, vegetables and seaweed — are clean and healthy choices. Sushi is a yummy, healthy and sometimes exotic meal. Here is a short synopsis of the different types of sushi.

Philadelphia roll

I’ve had this maki roll the traditional nori-on-the-outside way, as well as the California roll way, where the rice is on the outside. Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber make up the center, although avocado and onion can also be added. I like to think of this as a Japanese-style mini lox and bagel. 


I think of inarizushi as cold dumplings, because they both resemble coin purses. However, unlike dumplings, it is instead made of seasoned sushi rice wrapped in aburaage pouches. Aburaage is fried tofu skin that has been soaked in sweet soy sauce and then drained. This is a simple, vegetarian sushi option. 

Caterpillar roll 

Who doesn’t like avocado, especially when it’s covering a yummy maki roll? Most of the usual ingredients inside of a caterpillar roll are the same as those in a California – fish cake, avocado and cucumber. A thick and sweet soy sauce is then drizzled on top to finish it off. 

California roll

No matter where I go for sushi, I always see a California roll on the menu. The cool thing about this sushi is that it is inside out. When making the roll, the rice and nori are layered the same, but when adding the fish cake, avocado and cucumber, the rice is turned over so that the nori wraps the yummy center.  

Nigiri vs. maki

Nigiri sushi consists of rice formed into the desired shape of the maker, topped with fish, garnish and sauce placed on top of it. Maki sushi comes rolled, although it can take various shapes, depending on the desire of the maker. A sheet of nori is layered with rice and a mix of fish and vegetable. Rolls are often drizzled with sauce.