beyond burger review

The Beyond Burger is a meat-free burger patty, suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone looking for a source of plant-based protein. At first sight this burger looks like a genuine hamburger. It has the same pink color of raw, ground beef, and the packaging resembles products found in the grocery store’s meat aisle.

After defrosting the package overnight, the Beyond Burger is ready to be cooked. I chose to use a skillet, but the burger can also be cooked on a grill. The instructions say to cook the burger for three minutes on each side. While the burger cooked, I was surprised at how it sizzled and browned on each side, much like a real piece of meat would. The burger also genuinely smelled like beef on the barbeque.

I coupled the burger with a bun and topped it with lettuce and vegan mayo. Caramelized onions, tomatoes, vegan cheese and other sauces would also work well with the burger.

Regarding taste, the Beyond Burger is the most realistic faux meat patty that I've ever tasted. It has a sweet and slightly smoky flavor. Even the texture is realistic. I noticed that the patty firmed up after cooking. Though some faux meats become mushy or tough after being cooked, the Beyond Burger developed a meaty, fatty bite. My only criticism of the burger is that the sweetness could be toned down. The taste of the meat reminded me slightly of beef jerky or corned beef.

This burger is worth trying. No matter a person’s diet, the Beyond Burger is likely to surprise with its close resemblance to beef. This product represents the growing number of vegan food options and it may even convince a meat-eater to follow a plant-based diet.

Torch 4 1/2