Haunted House

The nervous and excited chatter of children could be heard from the idling cars as they waited their turn to experience Oahu’s haunted drive-through, which is open to all ages. But beware, not all trick-or-treaters can handle the fear factor that this experience delivers. Despite the line of cars spanning the majority of the Aloha Stadium parking lot, some families have to exit the performance early since some little ones are unable to handle the spooky performance. 

“I think I’m just really excited to get scared,” said 7-year-old Xander.

The third annual haunted drive-thru at the Aloha Stadium is being hosted by Habilitat, a long-term addiction rehabilitation center. The haunted drive-thru opened on Oct. 7 and will run each Friday, Saturday and Sunday from now until Halloween. 

Attendees can expect to face every manner of ghosts and ghouls as they drive their way through this eerie experience.

After selling out tickets the past two years, the event is back for residents to experience the non-profit’s All Hallow’s Eve celebration. The drive-thru was especially popular during the pandemic as it was one of the only Halloween activities available to the public on Oahu. 

The Habilitat crew combined their talents and resources to pull off this event each year. The team was already conceptualizing a theme and drawing up plans back in July. 

“We come back because they have a new theme every year,” said Micah Caderro, a father of three. “I like being in my own car, having your own personal space, and they use the car to creep up on you, it's all part of it being a spooky kind of thing.”

The Caderros are repeat customers who have returned to the Halloween experience for the past three years, and have attended every Dead End haunted drive-through since its conception.

“I came last year and I was impressed. They put it all together within - I mean, they work on it for months in advance, but they built it up like this in four days,” Caderro said. “It’s incredible.”

This year’s event features six unique sets with different intertwining scenes, centering around an eerie post-apocalyptic world. The Habilitat residents paint, create, use props and perform in all of the scenes. 

The Halloween fright night not only benefits the community, all proceeds from the haunted drive-thru event go back to the rehabilitation center to aid the substance abuse recovery of the residents there. 

 Karma Williams, a resident with Habilitat for 23 months, said that Habilitat changes lives.

 “I came here straight from New York and they accepted me with a warm welcome,” Williams said.

 “I just think it gives people hope, hope that there is a place out there where people will help you,” she added. 

In years past, the haunted drive-thru averaged around a thousand customers each night. Now that mandatory lockdown has ended, there were concerns about a decline in attendance. However, the success of their opening weekend has laid to rest any concerns.  

Each week, the drive-thru will be open from Friday to Sunday until Halloween. Tickets for the event are $65 a car, and can be booked at https://oahuhauntedhouse.com/.