The summer after graduation can be a time to transition into adulthood and the responsibility of a job — or it could be the time to celebrate getting a degree for a few months by taking some time off for rest and relaxation. Here are some ideas for spending your final summer before going to graduate school or heading to your job or internship. 


The hardest part of getting a good job is getting that foot in the door. Although it may not be ideal to some, starting an internship in the summer may open many new doors in the future, especially if the internship is at a place you want to work at. 

It doesn’t hurt to start building up to your ideal job as soon as you can, and if your internship is paid, then that’s an added benefit to rake in the extra dough in the summer. Start applying as soon as you can for summer internships and research how to build up from your internship to your dream job. Taking the time to map out your future will help take you to where you want to be.


Chances are that once you start your job, you won’t be able to take a large amount of time off to travel. College is the perfect time to explore new places because you aren’t tied down to a job yet—unless your job requires travel around the world, but even then you’d be working. 

The last summer before you get to your job or new school could be a great time to see different places, gain new experiences and make connections that may help you through graduate school or in your new workplace. Traveling takes up a large amount of time and you won’t be bogged down with a return date like you usually would if you had a job or internship. You can travel to your heart’s content with no set expiration date, and why not do it while you’re still young?

Spend time with loved ones

Many people say that the key to a good life is being able to balance work and relationships. If you’re going to go out of state to get a job or go to graduate school, why not spend the summer with your friends and family? You probably won’t see them for some time while you’re starting out at your new job or school, so the summer would be the perfect time to strengthen relationships before you leave.  

The Hawai‘i landscape provides many ways for quality bonding through hikes, beach or picnic days, golfing, eating shave ice and other activities. If it’ll be your last summer in Hawai‘i, try to make it count with the ones who matter.