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How to get involved in intramurals

Program allows students to showcase their athletic prowess to their peers

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TChing Field

There are 10 intramural sports offered on campus. 

One thing that you should do during your college career at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is to take a look at intramural sports. As one of the recreation services that the campus has to offer, intramural sports is committed to providing opportunities for students to build teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and a healthy balanced lifestyle. UH offers ways for students to showcase their athletic talents in a controlled environment. 

“Our goal is to give the students a fun escape from the normal college routine, and at the same time allow them to grow as individuals,” Intramural Staff Manager Bryson Honjo said. 

Registering can be done in a snap by going on to, clicking on “Sign-up” and follow the instructions. You must use your UH email address to join, as only students, faculty and staff of UH Mānoa are allowed to compete. Once you click on the UH domain you will be directed to your personal player card, where you can customize your information. By clicking on “School home” after you create your player card, you will find available leagues that you can join, or you can create a new team.

You must have a valid UH ID in order to compete. When you get to the field or court before your game, there will be a manager who will check you in and give you your game jersey. Jerseys must be returned immediately after the game. 

When competing, keep in mind that the referees are students as well and need to be treated with respect. If you are looking for a part time job, you can join the intramural staff and ref all the sports that are offered. If you join the staff, they will train you before you go out on your first game, and they allow you to pick your schedule. The more shifts you take on, the more shifts and sports the managers will give you later on in the semester. During playoffs, the managers give the shifts to the refs with the most knowledge and experienced.  

“I love it, I think that it is a perfect way to make some extra money,” staffer Brian Chung said. “They work around your schedule, and the pay is better than a lot of other jobs.” 

Intramural seasons typically begin three to four weeks into a semester and then lasts around three months. The games are run Monday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and teams are split into competing either on Monday, Wednesday or Tuesday, Thursday. Once the playoffs begin, this schedule shifts depending on the number of teams.