Nicolyn Charlot, Special Issues Editor

There is one more week of school before the sweet, sweet release of spring break. I am confident that many of you have been counting down the days since Jan. 11. The perpetual pounding doled out by midterms has grown tiresome by this point, and everyone wants to either sit in bed and watch Netflix or sit on the beach and watch the surf. Perhaps there are a few out there who will use the extra time to get caught up on homework or read ahead in the textbook. However, I suspect (and hope) that even the more academically inclined of us will take a day or two to enjoy the luxury of doing absolutely nothing. For those who have been so caught up with school and the trials of reality, you may be panicking and seeking last-minute spring break plans. Do not fear – Ka Leo has you covered.

To start with, you may be in need of some alcohol to erase the memories of all those horrific exams and essays; page 16 suggests a number of mixed drinks for you to enjoy (in moderation). If you don’t want to completely take a break from learning, page 08 provides information on O‘ahu museums. Page 16 recommends a number of television shows to binge-watch. Students with an itch to stretch their legs may be interested in hiking – page 10 suggests a number of hikes with a range of difficulty levels. For those wanting to get off the island, pages 14 and 15 highlight places to visit on Kaua‘i, Moloka‘i and Maui. However, if you’re on a tighter budget and can’t leave O‘ahu, page 12 features several interesting places to explore on-island but outside of Honolulu. Page 08 provides information about the upcoming Hawai‘i Democratic Caucus on March 26, which may be of interest to those registered to vote in Hawai‘i. Within this issue and on our website you will find these articles and others that will aid you in your quest for the perfect spring break.